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Instructor Crossover

3 days

  • 5 hours
  • 650 euros
  • Cape Greko Street 459

Service Description

A diving instructor crossover is a program that allows certified scuba diving instructors from one agency to become instructors for another agency. This program is designed to recognize the training and experience of instructors who are already certified to teach scuba diving and allow them to teach under a different agency's standards and curriculum. To become a crossover instructor, you typically need to meet certain prerequisites, such as holding a current scuba instructor certification from a recognized agency, having a minimum amount of teaching experience, and having a certain number of logged dives. You will also need to complete a crossover training program, which may involve online coursework, classroom sessions, and practical evaluations. The specific requirements and process for becoming a crossover instructor will vary depending on the agency you are crossing over to and the agency you are currently certified with. It's important to research the requirements and process for the specific crossover program you are interested in to ensure you meet all prerequisites and can complete the program successfully. Becoming a crossover instructor can open up new opportunities to teach scuba diving and expand your knowledge and skills as an instructor. It can also help you gain recognition and increase your marketability in the scuba diving industry.

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Contact Details

  • GoToDive Diving Center, Cape Greko Street, Protaras, Cyprus


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