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CCR Advanced Nitrox Diver course

5 days / 10 dives

  • 5 hr
  • 1.550 ευρώ
  • Cape Greko Street

Service Description

This is a course that extends depth limits to sixty (60) meters/two hundred (218) fsw for divers using a closed circuit rebreather. The aim of the course is to teach divers the benefits, hazards and proper procedures of mixed gas diving with rebreathers using a mixed gas diluent containing sixteen (16%) or more oxygen, and to develop intermediate CCR diving skills that meet the technical requirements. Within this course: - learn how to calculate the required gas for diving, including determining the amount of oxygen and helium in the diluent gas; - study the processes of gas physiology, consider the risks of oxygen toxicity (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) toxicity, hypoxia, nitrogen and helium absorption processes; - learn how to plan dives up to sixty (60) meters / two hundred (218) fsw; - learn emergency situations and emergency procedures such as high oxygen, low oxygen and boomdril. CNS tracking; Recovery after a system failure, Calibration of electronics; - study the rules for using bailout cylinders; procedures for working with them underwater; the procedure for changing from closed circuit to bailout gas; - learn the rules of staged decompression.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • GoToDive Diving Center, Cape Greko Street, Protaras, Cyprus

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